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Company registration

Whether you want to do business through a body corporate (like a company) or as an individual, your first step will be to register your business. It is crucial to be surrounded by professionals at that time, to avoid important mistakes. 

At Square, we assist throughout this process. For example, we can provide you with the following services: 

  • Structuring and planning

We can freely advise on structuring your business. Whether you wonder which kind of entity you will register (self-employed, company, partnership, etc.), how you will structure (how many entities, creation of a holding company, etc.) or how you can get the more out of your business (accounting and tax structuring), our legal and accounting team will guide you. 

We also draft business plans. 

  • Company / business registration


We incorporate domestic companies / corporate entities in Mauritius. 


For your best information, it is provided by law that any domestic company must have at least one director ordinarily residing in Mauritius, and a registered office in Mauritius. If need be, we assist you in obtaining a resident permit for your director. Otherwise, we can provide you with a resident-director, and a registered address in Mauritius. 

In addition, we can assist in the lengthy process of bank account opening. 

  • Assistance for administrative approval / permit / license

We can freely identify any administrative approval, permit and /or license that your activity may require to operate.


We then offer our assistance in dealing with the administration to obtain it. 

That is usually a very time-consuming activity, so leave it to an expert and focus on what really matters: your business !