Safe Key

Personal Data compliance

Any ​personal data processing (i.e. collecting, saving or using any data, which directly or indirectly allows identification of an individual) implies that you must be compliant with applicable personal data legal framework.


For example: if you invoice clients, keep their contact details in a file or have employees; you have to get compliant with those rules. 

Data mapping and drafting of Data processing registers

We can map (i.e. an identification process) and draft your data processing registers.  

Data protection policies / Privacy policies

We provide templates of data protection policies (or privacy policies). 

Registration with the Data Protection Office of Mauritius

We assist in registering your business with the Data Protection Office of Mauritius (i.e. a legal requirement). 

Application for authorization to transfer data outside of Mauritius 

Any transfer of data (i.e. for example: saving data on a cloud, sending data by email to a person outside of Mauritius, etc.) requires prior authorization from the Data Protection Office of Mauritius, save if you are entitled to certain exceptions.