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Tired of Covid ? Come to live in Mauritius !

There is something to know about Mauritius island: it has been a Covid-safe country for months !

Yes, you heard it well. There is an island, which beyond the fact that it is commonly considered as being heaven on this earth, is safe from the Covid-19 pandemic, thanks to its very strict border control procedures.

Good news for you: Mauritius welcomes you to stay here for one renewable year with a Premium Visa ! What's better than living in a tropical paradise, diving into the most beautiful lagoons of the world and enjoying life here while escaping the pandemic ?

This new Premium Visa is dedicated to the following categories:

  • Tourists;

  • Retirees;

  • Teleworking workers / entrepreneurs who can work from Mauritius for their countries of origin.

The applicant can also come with its family. The Visa is delivered free of administrative charge !

The applicant will not be able to enter the domestic labor market, unless they hold a proper Occupation / Work permit (i.e. a different permit from the Premium Visa).

At Square Consulting, we can get you this Visa, find the perfect place to stay in Mauritius and assist in any question you may have. Here is our offer:

Our tariffs:
  • 5000 MUR or 125 USD or 105 EUR for the main applicant* ;

  • 2500 MUR or 63 USD or 52 EUR per dependent / family member coming along*.

* Prices are VAT excluded (if applicable).

What's included:
  • We will gather all necessary information and documentation then apply for your Visa through the specific means put in place by the administration;

  • We will liaise and advise as may be necessary with the administration;

  • We will send you your Visa;

  • We will send you crucial and general information on "how to come to Mauritius" (Covid-19 procedures to follow at the border, etc.);

  • We will send you a general documentation on "how to start life in Mauritius" (how to deal with taxes in Mauritius, important information regarding insurance, etc.)

  • You will be put in contact with a unique network of real estate agents to find the perfect place to stay in Mauritius;

  • You will have access to our concierge partner services for anything you need (activities in Mauritius, car rental, etc.)

Please, visit our website on the following link and fill in the form to get your Visa to freedom!

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For more information, contact us by Email on square.consultant.mu@gmail.com or by Whatsapp on +336 83 59 39 46

See you soon in Paradise !

Théo Le Flohic

Square Consulting