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Occupation of main applicant in Mauritius

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Our tariffs:

  • 5000 MUR or 125 USD or 105 EUR for the main applicant* ;

  • 2500 MUR or 63 USD or 52 EUR per dependent / family member coming along*.

      * Prices are VAT excluded

(if applicable). 


What's included:

  • We collect all necessary information and documentation then apply for your Visa;

  • We advise as may be necessary with the administration;

  • We forward you your Visa;

  • We send you crucial and general information on "how to come to Mauritius" (Covid-19 procedures to follow at the border, etc.);

  • We send you a general documentation on "how to start life in Mauritius" (taxes, insurance, etc.)

  • We put you in contact with a unique network of real estate agents to find the perfect place to stay in Mauritius;

  • We give you access to our concierge partner services for anything you need (activities in Mauritius, car rental, etc.).

Please, note that additional fees may apply if you use the services of our real estate agents network and concierge partner (i.e. their own commission / fees).